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What Would You Rather?

I just saw the post on the FP about the new “fast” Countryman and it made me sad. My wife had an R53 cooper S coupe that we both adored. My mother bought an R56 cooper S, and while it was a nicer car, it was a real turn off when it came to the drive.

Everything I have driven from Mini after that has been what I refer to as a (buick) and what you probably call beige, boring, numb, whack etc...


Seeing a 4700lb mini with a 50k price tag made me think...What would I get instead? The answer is almost anything, but let’s keep it close. Whatever you buy for 50k has to have some kind of AWD and 4 doors and be new. What are you buying Oppo?

Yours truly is in a brand new Golf R ordered from the factory in a custom color (like irish green), with 3 pedals and all options.

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