Let’s say I have a friend (I do have friends) and suppose they wanted to buy a new F-150 Raptor... what say you? Should I *ahem* “friend” buy a Raptor?!

Credit to Team Ford Vegas, they seem to be the highest volume Raptor seller.
Image: Team Ford

Seriously, with all the issues new diesel trucks are having, and the fact a Raptor pretty much holds its weight better than gold, it can’t be a bad idea?

I’d probably take any color for the right price. Dark is preferable, lead foot grey looks excellent but might not age well.

I mean it does cost north of $60,000, it gets terrible mileage (15 city / 18 hwy), and it isn’t going to tow much, even though that isn’t a necessity right now.

I’ve had my 4Runner for the last year and a half, added 6,000 miles, and had 0 issues (knocking on wood). I bought it for $15,500 and I believe I could get just about every dollar back out of it...

The trailer backing aid is equipped lol!

What say you Oppofam? Ditch the ‘Yota and bring a dinosaur home? Or keep the un-killable king and watch the wallet swell?

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