What would you slide an SB2.2 inside?

I must not pay too much attention, but with all of the “LSx this!” and “Duuuuude you gotta LS that!” noise, I totally missed the the SB2.2 engine. NASCAR heads you buy for your gen 1 small block and do 9,000 rpm.


Yes, those heads like to breathe deep and aren’t for torque. They are for all of your RPM dreams. Throw them on a 440 cubic inch chevy and you have 920hp@7900. They are straight up brutal, and that video above can prove it; an sb2.2 in a 4g Camaro. What with the needle quite a bit past the number 8 and lots of wheelspin.

An LS is much cheaper. Definitely. The power per dollar is certainly more favorable. But that extra step in the thrill, intoxicating noise, and lofty power without a nitro button or bewst, will set you back probably near $18k to do it right, and that’s with someone else building the engine. I’d probably want it that way to ensure things stay together at near if not above 9,000rpm.

Makes anyone want to step back, waiting for flying parts. (and that’s about 800 at the crank in a hot hot space)


So what would you put the Gen 1 sbc2.2 in instead of the LSx?

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