(Re-upped for the evening crowd) I've got an opportunity and need for a new garage. Nothing ostentatious, just a good steel building with everything I need to work on and store cars. Looking for input on what I'll need and what you would do. To start I'm just going to erect the building, put in utilities, heating/cooling. Eventually I'll be framing up a living/storage area. Maybe some people here have built a garage and have some advice, maybe you just have an idea of what you'd love to have in a garage. Type for flooring, lifts, etc.

Random ideas so far are a car wash stall to clean and detail out of direct sunlight and during the winter.

Throwing in some arcade cabinets.

Just the basics to begin with. I can get crazy with it later. Threw a quick plan together in 10 minutes as an example on where to start.