What Writer Should Be Deported From Jalopnik?

Inspired by Mister Okulski's QOTD in which he wants to deport the most Jalop car on the market today: a RWD, Brown, high horsepowered wagon, your humble correspondent of journalism from oppositelock and jalopnik, Raphmoe, has come up with a QOTD for oppositelock land.


What writer on Jalopnik has lost their way and should be Deported back to the Gawker family mothership? Perhaps to write about Brian's Williams daughter having her butt hole licked, or maybe about off-shore Cayman Island accounts are bad and all business, personal people, and journalist agencies that use Cayman Island accounts are bad for society and america and should be shunned unless you are actually based in Hungary, but not really and working here is stressful because there is no retirement plan. This is a fun thought project to discuss the comings and goings about articles we love to read on Jalopnik; everyone writes great stories just like we love every car.

Raphmoe distresses.

Options for deportation:

  • Matt Hardigree
  • Raphmoe
  • Waymoe
  • For Sweden
  • Travis Okulski
  • Damon Lavrinc
  • $kaycog
  • Whoever keeps putting BRT in the oppo header
  • Raphael Orlove
  • Doug Demuro
  • Jason Torchinsky
  • Patrick George
  • Michelle Ballaban
  • Andrew Collins
  • McMike
  • Choose your own choice, etc.

I'm going to send Travis Okulski (aka Matt Hardigree Lite) back to where he came from. You never see an original idea (repeating memes and tropes is old hat for the internets), and when you do you wonder why the posts are so boring and derivative (Ford good, Toyota bad, Detroit good, Electric brakes bad, etc.). Why not write something interesting or good? Who do you think needs to leave the Jalopnik and return to Gawker for good and bring their talents to south beach?

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