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Whatcha Drinking, Oppo?

Right, then!

So, did a little tinkering in the garage - reorganized some shelves that needed it, which created some space; did some clay barring on the hood and trunk on the BMW to see how it worked out (reasonably well, but there’s a lot of chips in the clear coat I think); started on the speaker rebuild. Well, started insomuch as I removed a couple of speakers, got all of the old foam off to find that the new foam I ordered does not now waiting to hear back from Speaker Works to see if the have anything that will fit.


In other news, due to being locked in, I’ve decided to grow a mustache, because fuck it why not? I’m about a week I was talking to GF and she was distractedly looking for something on her phone...then suddenly the Magnum PI theme started playing. Might have been an editorial comment.

In the meantime, I got a pint glass filled with ice, sparking water, lime juice and Jameson’s. I’d post a pic, but the house is a pigsty and I can’t get a good angle that doesn’t show the shitshow. So envision a glass filled with ice, sparkling water, lime juice and Jameson’s, with condensation on the outside and you’ll get the picture...

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