Whatever It Is, Drive Something You Love and Cars and Rap: A True Love

Assembled here are the best Oppositelock posts from Wednesday and Thursday. It includes driving a car you love, rap's automotive influence, the enthusiast's quest and 'Rush' meets 'Senna' at the Nürburgring.

Whatever It Is, Drive Something You Love - davesaddiction


I had a long, tiring day at work today. As I left my desk, I was fried and felt exhausted, even though I'd been sitting, staring at a computer screen for most of it. But as I walked outside, into my parking garage and then saw my car in the distance, the tiredness was quickly replaced with excitement for my drive home. Read more…

Cars and Rap: A Tale of True Love - Neal Norman

Now, if you're anything like me (and I have no doubt you are), you base many of your most important life decisions largely upon the opinions of others. Automotive purchases, perhaps life's most important decisions, are no exception. We all find figures to look up to, and who better to idolize and take important life advice from than the poets and philosophers of our age: Rappers. Read more…

The Enthusiast's Quest - KB Garage


The sound of my alarm startles me awake. I nearly hit my head on the oak nightstand next to the bed trying to shut it off. I sigh as I exhale realizing at this point there's no returning to my peaceful slumber now. I stumble into the bathroom, I turn on the shower, and I brush my teeth with my eyes closed wishing I had gone to bed earlier. I step into the shower and, although the water is scalding hot, the tile on the shower floor feels like ice on my feet. I stop for a brief moment and realize that like a programmed machine, I'm repeating the same routine that I do every day. But today's not just another day. Today is the day of the quest. My quest. Read more…

'Rush' meets 'Senna' at the Nürburgring - Gabor Vajda

Where one grudge match ended, another one started. If the latter part of the 20th century's racing history had to be condensed into one race and one movie, this should be it. Equal cars, equal chances of winning, 17 (!) shared (future or past) F1 World Championship titles and much more. The 1984 Nürburgring Mercedes-Benz race. Read more…


Who Stole 4 Cylinders From This 1962 Pontiac Tempest? - TheDailyTurismo


In 1961 Pontiac engineers working to release the first generation Tempest under the guidance of John Z DeLorean wanted to offer a small displacement and frugal engine but did not have the budget for a full scale development effort. What they did was hack half the cylinders off of a 389 V8 and create the 195 Trophy 4. Read more…

No, Innovation is Not Dead in the Automotive Industry - Garret Davis

After the coverage of the New York Auto Show this year, I noticed a trend in the comments of these articles. Like our buddy Zac mentioned in the article linked above, this year's auto show was a bit of a snooze-fest. It happens every once in a while because there are limitations on how often car companies can or should churn out new models. What this is taken as, though, is that design is hitting a wall, and engineers are flailing to come up with an answer. Read more…


RFD TrackHUD | Heads Up Display with Targeting - RightFootDown


If you are like us, you have lost quite a few of your weekends racing wheel to wheel with dozens of your closest nemesis friends. Wait, what's the plural of nemesis? Never mind, it's time to visit the RFD technology bin. Today's featured new product will change your life, at least at the track. Introducing the RFD TrackHUD! Read more…

Let's Talk about Ethanol for a second - cazzyodo

Today's "Morning Shift" included some hate towards corn. I love corn because it makes me think of summer. But the topic was corn being used to make ethanol for blending with gas...a touchy subject depending upon where you live. Departing from my usual know-nothing-about-cars-but-let's-post-a-gif-to-remain-relevant style, I actually dropped a little knowledge! Read more…


A Weekend At The Nürburgring - Alex87f


I spent last weekend at the Nürburgring and thought I'd do a quick post to share it with the jalopnik community, so that everyone can enjoy it! As with all car adventures, it starts with being on the road, on the way there. It's a 120 miles drive from where I live, mostly on small german country road. Read more…

セナ・ザ・ヘッジホッグ aka Why on Earth Not Racing Drivers Design Tracks? - Gabor Vajda

When you are a legend in the making - such as Ayrton Senna - powered by a Japanese company - i.e. Honda - and a Japanese entertainment company - SEGA, that is - wants to exploit your ventures, why wouldn't you want a say in it? Like designing your own race tracks.Screw Gran Turismo, screw Hermann Tilke. You need a fast track made by the best driver ever lived. There's no physics involved, though, but hey - it's the early 90s. Read more…


1,000 Miles in the Focus ST - Some Thoughts So Far - Garrett Davis


Nearly two weeks ago, I bought a Focus ST. Somehow, I have already put down 1,000 miles over 30 hours of seat time. That means I have filled it up four times already in less than two weeks. That's right. If I keep up this pace, I'll have somewhere near 27k miles on my car in one year's time. Yeah, I'm going to cool it a bit. Read more…

Rental Car Review - Ford Fiesta

I'm kind of a Ford guy, so I really wanted to like this car. Also, we are looking to divest one of our vehicles for a higher mpg option, and the Fiesta has been one of the vehicles of interest. The rental was the standard base model, albeit in sexy black. It had about 52k miles on the clock, so broken in for a rental. Read more…


The Best of the Rest


ThatWillBuffOut spotted a Studebaker Avanti. Mark Linde went out carspotting. MountainCommand went to the Orange County Car Meet. Übel saw a 356. 472CID came across at Seat Ibiza in Colorado. Parkrndl attended Spring Carlisle. Jobjoris got his 2002 Touring back from paint. Ricepuddin lowered his 'Murica mobile. KMatth attended West Chester, PA. MontegoMan562 updated us on his Montego. PatBateman bought a big thing. Dukie completed his motor swap. HammerheadFistpunch's Toyota lost its head. Klaus Schmoll spied a nice Opel GT. Nibby went to NYIAS. Vorspringing got her e21. Chandonpierre1 went to his first autocross. MR2_FTW started his engine rebuild.

As always, If I've missed something and you would like me to include it, let me know.



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