Would they even be interesting if modern cars were more engaging rather than isolating? I think the industry hype has got it backwards: make driving fun and distracted driving incidents will become less of an issue. Let’s discuss!

My opinion centers around these points:

  • Distracted driving is promoted, not only by phone use, but also by the soul-drainingly boring vehicles on sale today. From NVH isolation to numb steering and suspension, driving becomes a chore and people seek to escape from the moment.
  • Autonomous car hype is fed in part by public desire to legalize this distracted driving and make it safe.
  • A fully-autonomous future is, for liability reasons, the only “zero-death” possibility.
  • If manufacturers made more properly engaging, driver-focused vehicles (the tech certainly exists to do so) then we’d see more car enthusiasts and safer roads due to less distraction behind the wheel.

And, finally, the hot take of the day:

  • The freedom to drive one’s own car and be in full control is an even more important debate than that of the 2nd Amendment.

I’d like to hear all your thoughts on this. Should manufacturers re-invest in engaging cars? Can we save the manuals in the name of safety?

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