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What's a Barn-Find Datsun 1600 Roadster Worth, Anyway?

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Oppofriends, I need some help. I have the opportunity to bring a mid-1960s Datsun 1600 Roadster into my life, if it’s worth any effort.


Before anyone goes “duh, yes” I want to share some details, and see if some folks with better knowledge than I of old Datsuns can provide insight as to value if sold entirely as-is, in one piece. I don’t have the space or interest to clean this up or part it out.

What I Know:

  • It’s got chrome trim, apparently some of them had body-color trim
  • A friend thinks it’s a “low windshield” car
  • There is a hardtop bolted to it, but the back window needs replacing
  • No idea if a soft top is installed, and if so, I suspect it’s trashed
  • Engine is there, but disassembled
  • Transmission is MIA
  • Trunk lid has some rust bubbling up. Not sure how the floors and rockers look. It’s currently sunk into the ground a bit.

Is it worth a few grand in this condition? I have to think someone would at least want it for whatever body panels and parts can be saved.

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