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What's a car you forgot you loved?

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As someone that religiously reads and occasionally posts on Oppo, I inherently love cars/trucks/vans/wagons of all makes and cylinder configurations. I am partial to P-cars having grown up with a ‘79 911SC but that doesn’t mean I dare discriminate when it comes to automobile enthusiasm.


Many years ago, the first time I had seen - let alone heard of- a De Tomaso Pantera was at a PCA Autocross event. The owner was running it alongside the other 911s and 944s. I was truly in awe of the massively wide rear tires and the fact that despite the shape and stance being blatantly European, there was what looked like, to my 16-year-old-eyes, a big honking American V8 stuck in the rear (middle) of that beautiful wedge.

The sound, of course, was intoxicating. I did all the research I could on the car when I got home that day and was fascinated. The phrase “351 Cleveland” has been imprinted in my brain ever since and calls to mind images of the Pantera - on the rare occasion I see, hear or read about one.


To make a short post long, I soon forgot about the Pantera mostly owing to the lack of visibility as compared to Ferraris, Porsches, AMG etc. Recently, however, thanks to YouTube and a hardcore Bring-A-Trailer addiction my awareness has been rekindled. What’s a car you once loved, forgot about and then were reminded of?

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