There have been a few for me including the:

Nissan Cube


I used to hate it for the asymmetrical wrap around window. But it grew on me and I’m rather fond of them now.

Chevrolet Tracker

I used to hate these when I was younger because in my younger mind it was too small to be a “real” SUV but now I appreciate that it has body on frame, 4WD and can get livable daily driver fuel economy.

Mazda Miata


I used to hate Miata’s because they are small and I am tall. I’ve also never been a convertible fan, but then we got one while I was in high school for my brother to drive. I was told we were looking at Jeep Wranglers at the time so I was bitterly disappointed when instead of buying my childhood idol we bought a Miata. What I initially thought was true I couldn’t really fit in it and it was incredibly hot in the summer with the A/C broken. I also had to have the top down to fit(even in winter) but I understood the fun factor of the car over time and genuinely enjoyed it for short trips when the temperatures where cooler.

So I ask you fellow Opponauts what car did you used to hate but now like?

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