So I'm getting ready to buy a new Porsche Boxster S in a few months and have begun to do my research, to make sure I get a fair deal. I'm very specific on the options I want, so finding it used is not on the table.

I bought an almost new Boxster in Denmark in 2006 and when I moved to the US I bought a new BMW 135i Cabriolet. Both times I was able to get a great deal and saved over $5,000 on the sticker price. But what about a new Porsche in the US? I looked on, which stated that a fair price would be $3,000 below MSRP which is a lot lower percentage wise than the other two cars. Should that be my target or do I have other options?

I'm not much of a haggler (honestly, it makes me a little uncomfortable) but I want to ensure I'm not overpaying... What's my road map to getting the best deal?