Let’s say you wanted to go for a long trip by car in the US (or Canada! Didn’t have enough room in the title…) but you don’t want it to be brutally hot or humid-hot because you want to do some outdoors stuff, walk around, maybe go camping, etc when you get there. Plus some old classic cars can’t handle the heat!

Is there a city or surrounding area in either of these countries that has a climate sort of like Hobart, Tasmania, Australia? Where it’s never below 40 but never really above 75-80 degrees June 1-Aug 31? Just sort of mild and nice without too much fluctuation in temperature?

It’d be super-great if you could name a city on the West Coast, East Coast, and Mid-West (or any other sub-region I’m not aware of!) so I can kind of compare. For the West Coast at least, from what I’ve heard and read, San Francisco can be downright COLD in the summer, but some people told me that’s more Seattle or more Portland, so I don’t really know!


Thanks Oppo!

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