Okay, so my neighbor who I’ve never actually spoken to despite living 50 feet apart for 24 years (he’s the neighbor behind me) stopped by to point out that a maple tree in my back yard is pushing up on the fence between our houses. Before we even made it out behind the house to take a look, we started talking cars because he was admiring my Jag.

So he mentioned he had a classic car of his own, and I immediately knew the one because I’ve been looking for a chance to stop and see this car for probably 14 years now: a mid-late 80s 300ZX that’s been in his garage for as long as I can remember. He was surprised I knew about the car, but that’s been how I’ve identified his house for years, as the house with the 300ZX in the garage.

Turns out the car is an ‘86 non-turbo 300, black on black cloth, t-tops, with 69k miles. He’s the original owner, bought it after he sold a 240z in ‘86. The car is stupid clean, it’s like a time capsule, so I apologize for the pictures...car was in a garage so I just snapped a few quick ones.

As near as I can tell, the car only needs two things: paint and a cruise control switch. The car is totally rust free, the interior looks like the pictures from the 1986 Nissan 300ZX brochure:


I think it says a lot about my history as a child of the 80s that I think that silver radio and information center is my favorite thing ever. It reminds me of my Technics turntable. Oh, and for maximum 80sness, it has a digital dash as well.

So Oppo, with my crap pictures and description, what do you reckon it's worth?