A running one, duh.

IF the pos 301 runs.

The guys I bought it from said they tried, got the motor to turn over, and got the starter to... try starting? It was all locked up from sitting in a field. They removed it.


And left it on the front seat.

With no bolts.

So under further inspection, the carb linkage moves, the fuel pump is disconnected but still there. Hopefully it works because the car has no gas tank or under car fuel lines (thanks, rust) and I want to just use a gas can to provide fuel, IF the pump works.


The engine has oil, the trans has fluid, the radiator even has some water in it, which is scary. (the power steering fluid is also full, yay!)

All the plug wires were removed, but only 7 out of 8 plugs are present. No idea where #8 went.


There is no belt on the alternator to provide juice IF it starts.

Something like 80% of the vacuum lines are disconnected or broken.

Oh, and there is no battery but I can ‘borrow’ a side post from work.

Speaking of, there’s no battery wiring. Well, there WAS, but since the car sat in a field and the battery wiring heads straight down toward a nice place for weeds to grow into, the ends of the positive and negative cabe are gone. Like, rotted off gone. Like poof. Gone.


So I did some shopping yesterday and today, got a starter for $50, a belt for $6 (I might use the one I found in the trunk, however), battery cables for $6 (so cheap!), and starter bolts for $5. I have a chunk of fuel line I can use to feed the pump, and other than that all I have to do is some basic stuff to see if it’ll turn over, or even start & run. For the price I might as well try, right?


But why even bother in the first place?

Because a boat anchor may sell for a coupe bucks, but a RUNNING boat anchor? I might get FIVE.


Plus I know how popular those “Barn Find Car Sitting For XX Years First Start In XX Years” videos are popular.

I might try to make one.

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