I decided to try making a pizza in my cast iron pan today for the first time. I’ve made this dough before many times for focaccia and thin crust pizzas but I’ve never attempted something like this before.

There are no before photos: dough was made by myself using regular unbleached flour, pizza sauce from herbs and canned crushed tomatoes. The main ingredient wasn’t even used in the pizza:


Nicely sauced, I went ahead and let the dough rest; it was made yesterday and was really cold from the fridge. I formed it roughly to the size of my pan and let it rest for 90 minutes or so.

Only toppings I had on had were bacon and red onion, which turned out to be really tasty. Used some tex-mex cheese I had left over for nachos and then used some mozzarella. Toppings were under the pizza, but the wait was agonizing:

I meant to take a picture shortly after baking but it was too late:


Now I’m full and pretty much checked out for the rest of the evening. Inspired by my beer, here’s a true red racer:


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