I just got home from my cousin’s house for Easter and I photographed all my family’s vehicles in the driveway, and you know what? It’s a pretty good group!

My grandparents’ Volvo S60. If anybody is in the market for a secondhand Volvo when they go to get rid of this one, this is the one to have, because my grandfather is a legit crazy person with maintenance.

My cousin’s Hyundai and her husband’s Victory. That bike is straight up nasty. Love the white letter tires.


My dad’s 300C Luxury. I just now noticed that he put an SRT8 grill on it, which I like. He had an ‘05 300C before this and this one is roughly a million times better.

My uncle’s BMW...328? I think it’s a 28 anyway.


My cousin’s wife’s Mini Cooper S with a 6 speed. I’m looking forward to when she’s done with it because my cousin and I already decided it’s going to LeMons.

And if you thought you were getting out of this blog without a picture of my Land Cruiser, then I’m afraid you’ve got a big dump in your pants.


Bonus TR6 spotted on the way home:

Clean car, lose the white walls. Red lines fine, but no white walls.