And is there any chance that it’s still good?

Found this old bottle (approx. 12 oz.) missing most of its label in the garage. Despite its age (at least a couple of decades old by now, I’ll bet), the foil seal is intact. There are no signs of leakage but it does seem to be swelling a little...

There are just a few scraps of the old label still clinging to the bottle. Unfortunately, there’s not enough of the bar code left to read. (Sorry about the mess- I’m afraid to clean it off quite yet, for fear of losing more of the label.)


But in one corner it says “STOCK NO. 119KM-12P”. Alas, my google-fu is turning up nothing for a quick & easy product ID.

That leaves us with just a few hints to go by. What’s left of the front label is quite faded, but seems to have been composed primarily (no pun intended) of the colors red and yellow. (Sta-Bil?)


Among the warnings on the rear of the label, it mentions ...“HYL ALCOHOL (M”.... which leads me to believe that it’s not trying to say ethyl alcohol, but probably methyl alcohol (methanol). Could this be an old bottle of HEET?

HEET® brand products do not expire. Unopened bottles of HEET® brand and ISO-HEET® brand have an indefinite shelf life provided the foil safety seal has not been broken. During storage, the bottles may swell and appear pressurized. This distortion is a result of vapor pressure formed by the formula stored at higher temperatures (which can happen in your garage or the trunk of your car). When this happens, the product is still fine to use.


I’d feel better if I could find a picture of a vintage bottle that was a perfect match to help fill in the blanks, but do you think I have enough clues already? Is there anything else that could be in there, and should I have any reservations about dumping it into my fuel tank (if for no other reason than to easily dispose of this mystery bottle’s contents)?