I’ve had a Ranger for almost 48 hours now, and I can’t stop thinking about things I want to get for it! I’ve already ordered a bunch of parts, my buddy gave me some really nice folding loading ramps, and I’ve got a Stereo on the way. I keep a small tool/supply bag in every vehicle, but I feel that I should be better equipped in the pickup.

So far I’ve got:

Tow Straps


Cargo Net

First Aid


Emergency jump starter/USB charger 


I’m working on creating a toolkit, but I’d love to hear specific suggestions.

Also “Red Ted” is a Ranger “Edge” which I believe is a step above the base spec. So storage is very limited. On top of that the console is without a lid. So right now I’m limited to the glove box/cup holders. So any suggestions on that are welcome as well, purchase or DIY.


Even if ya don’t have a pickup, watcha got in der?