What's in your pockets?

OK, I did not take this photo but is makes a great opening shot

Let’s talk about storage space.

When I first got my Boxster I worried that it would not be able handle all my luggage but I was proved wrong.


Frunk: The front-trunk is perfectly sized for two carry on bags and has a little extra room to stuff soft things around them.

Trunk: The traditional trunk can hold one carry on bag but is better suited your hanging clothes. I typically will put my suits, pants, jackets, and shirts all in one garment bag and lay it flat. My GF does the same with her dresses and like frunk there is room for soft things like an overnight bag on top of the garment bags.

And the cabin has a fair bit of storage too.

Driver door pocket. Microfiber towels and $100 tissues for being annoyingly fancy
Passenger side door pocket: napkins for GF
Under radio cubby: good for wallet or cell phone
Weird little cubby. 30% cigarette lighter, 60% pocket, 10% pen holder? All too small to actually use
Under the armrest: Pro tip, use a 90 degree stereo adapter to get more useable space.
Behind driver: Hat storage shelf

The point of this summary is that a Boxster offers enough storage space for two people for a weekend trip. Longer trips are possible but require careful planning and it is not unusual to completely fill all of the storage space.


What small cars of yours proved unexpectedly capable haulers?

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