What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

This year, it’s a goal of mine to learn about how to edit video and make interesting content, primarily as a hobby and for the sake of learning. The majority of content that I’m going to focus on is autocross, but I think it would be fun to do some car reviews as well, especially since I make about 25 car rentals per year.


However, I’m not interested in talking to a GoPro and listening to the sound of my own voice, just to do it; there are already more than enough folks on YouTube who start every video with a “WHAT’S UP, GUYS?!” and then proceed to talk about a car for 10 minutes while we just stare at their face. There isn’t much learning in that and minimal value is provided to others...those videos are merely an exercise in ego.

When I think about the car-related content creators who I respect and who are helpful or interesting, I’ve noticed a pattern that they all have something unique, which they do very well:

I could go on. So, my question is whether there are any suggestions for what those channels might be missing, especially as it relates to normal cars that can be found at a Hertz lot. Any thoughts are appreciated. I don’t think I’m the next Top Gear, I’d just like to make something that at least a few people actually enjoy watching.

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