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What's More Jalop? Ute Vs. Wagon

Thought I'd try out a new series, pitting two automotive ideas and asking the age old question: What's More Jalop?

Jalopnik is somewhat of the automotive pariah. Let's face it, we tend to like the quirky and weird over the mass produced and beige. This can lead to some problems at times however, just how Jalop is something? Today we'll pit the Australian Ute against the ubiquitous Wagon/Estate/Avant. So what'll it be? Which one is actually the more Jalop vehicle? Both of these are the carryall versions of popular sedans, the Ute arguably has more utility than the wagon, whereas the wagon can be more versatile, carrying cargo one day and up to 7 passengers another. The one thing they both have in common though? They can be both be ridiculously, insanely, fast.


My opinion would have to sway towards the wagon purely because it can seat 5 and still take home about as much cargo as an SUV, but as someone who loves bonkers pickup trucks the Ute has it's own special place in my heart.

Make the call Jalopnik!

EDIT: Can we all agree that the Ute with a Cap is just wrong?

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