I've got a streak of car turnover to maintain. I tend to buy/sell at least one a year because I get bored easily, I've come to embrace turnover as a means of trying lots of different cars, and I think I've only missed one year in about 10. 2011 was a '79 Volvo 245, 2012 was an '01 Subaru Outback, and 2013 was an '03 325iT for my wife (sense a manual wagon theme?). This year saw the arrival of my purple F150, which has rendered my Outback redundant, great car though it is. So I want a new commuter. The question is, as we close 2014, what will come next? Budget under $5k, fun, interesting in some way, and must have a reasonably useful back seat (otherwise a 944 would be on the list). Currently in the running, in the dark realms of my mind & late night searches:

Fox Mustang 5.0 (give me a break, I've always wanted one)

Alfa GTV6 or Milano


E36 328i

Yet another E28

E21 320i

Yet another Audi 4000Q, because the one I have has scaffolding in the back

??? (this is where you come in, ya bunch of weirdos)

Or do I cool it, stay patient, and save my ducats for a car I'd (probably, maybe) never sell, my personal unicorn, a 95.5 S6 Avant, like this one.