What's New, Oppo *Life Updates and Such*

The first semester in my last year of my Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering degree starts Monday. I’m ready to get this over with, but I’m not ready yet among other things. Gonna make this as brief as possible.

First off, car things. Dream Cruise was great as always. Saw an idiot with a previous generation Malibu do an ungodly amount of donuts, J-turns, and other insane antics in the middle of Woodward around midnight, almost hitting a few people and cars; the highlight being a handbrake turn into a curb at over 30mph before limping away into who knows where.


The 931, while handling Dream Cruise traffic like an Olympic athlete, has a tiny rear main seal leak (RMS) that isn’t the worst, but I’m gonna have to take care of it this winter, and that entails dropping the rear suspension (because the transaxle is mounted there), sliding it back, and inspecting to prove my unfortunate hunch at this point. All this to replace a rubber doughnut. Such is life.

And with that segue, LIFE. This was the first summer without an internship or co-op and while I financially planned for such a thing, doesn’t mean I didn’t hate every second of it. Almost landed a co-op at a Tier-1 distributor in May, but they wanted to focus on maintaining their current roster of full time employment (wonder if the inevitable downturn in the auto industry has anything to do with that...). I’ve been sending out resumes almost every week, haven’t heard back from any of them. Might have to look beyond that industry, but again, that’s life isn’t it.

Pretty sure I went on my first dates in my life (at least it felt that way but what do I know). Personally, I enjoyed the heck outta every minute that was spent. Felt like this could be something that could actually stick and be something. But then, LIFE uh, finds a way. AGAIN. She told me yesterday she didn’t think dating was gonna work out for her at the moment, and I respect her decision. There was zero feelings of being used or led on in any way because everything to that point and now feels mutual; but I’m not going to lie and say I felt or feel happy and peachy about it. It feel like I’m reaching hard on this, but at least I finally went on a date and I learned things while doing so?


And on that very same day, a dear family friend, another fatherly figure in my life passed away after a battle with stage 4 cancer. I was suppose to go to the funeral this afternoon, but a F’ing migraine made that impossible. I’m disappointed that I couldn’t be there to pay my respects and for the family that has become my second family in a sense. But again, that’s life.

So yeah, I guess the “tl;dr” is Dream Cruise good, Malibu drivers are insane, 931 surgery round 3, first dates gone too soon, and a death in the family. Also a paraphrasing of a Jeff Goldblum quote to bring some levity to moody crap. Ready or not, life doesn’t wait for you.

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