They say you're more likely to accomplish things if you write them down.

Not in any particular order.

-Change oil on the Lincoln, I'm about 800 miles over when the computer says to change it. The computer goes on semi and I'm using Mobil 1 so I probably have a little while longer. Switching back to 5w20 because summer.

-Change oil on the Cutlass, because I can't remember the last time I did it.

-Do rear brakes on the Lincoln. They're squealing bad, if I wait any longer I'll probably have to do the rotors too.

-Detail the Lincoln. I'm not sure how I let it get so bad. Needs clay, polish, and sealant. Will probably have to order some new pads for my DA. Time to give microfiber a try.


-Clean the K&N on the Lincoln. It's really dirty, needs to be oiled. Probably should clean the Tb and maf while I'm at it.

-Add ATF to the Cutlass, it's clunking going into gear again. There's a good leak somewhere that I really don't care about.

- Rotate tires!!! I can't even remember the last time I had them rotated. I dropped like $800 on those tires, they need to last.


-Finish refinishing my headlights. They look like shit, the fogs came out great but not the headlights. Not sure what I did wrong. I used spar urethane from an aerosol can this time. Drivers side came out good, passenger side came out textured. The urethane started coming off and I got pissed and took the power washer to them. Now they look really bad.

Now when can I get a day off.