Up and out of the house early this morning, making an early beer seem much later. Sunny day, 2 Crows on the patio.

4% abv Gose. Loads of flavor, not too sour. With all the flavors, the cask still manages to come through and sits in the background. From a can...


A few weeks ago I posted: “Watch out Ontario and Alberta, and maybe even the U.S.” I wasn’t exaggerating.

Last week they posted: :

All’s not perfect though. A couple of not-so-great things about the brewery:

1) Too much head on the NE IPA. Every. Freakin’. Time. I’ve had better east coast IPAs.


2) Not enough carbonation on the Maestro Gose. Almost none.

3) Wish they would have stuck with the 2 Crows branding on all their beers including seasonals and limited editions.


4) Lactose in some beers.

5) Here, we have to wait until Sept for more.

What’s Oppo drinking?