I want a little pickup truck. I have been wanting one for a while and I must have been pretty vocal about it recently because last night I said, “I want a little pickup truck.” Mrs. Tripper said, “Then GET one!”

I was originally looking for something really small, like a Ford courier or something of a similar vintage/form factor. However I decided that I don’t want a project, I want a truck that I can use and buy parts for.


I’ve mentioned before that I had an 87' Ranger called “Tan Stan” (pictured below) that we both loved. It needed a head gasket, or a pan gasket I can’t remember. We couldn’t find anyone who would do the work, so I donated it and have missed it ever since. Which really cheeses me out because now I definitely know someone who would take the job, and or would be confident turning a wrench on my own.

So what say Oppo? What’s good/bad on the ranger? I’ll be looking for a 3 pedal V6 with 4x4 as a desired option but not a deal breaker. Want to spend less than 10k, but would be happier spending 5-7k. I prefer a longer bed to extra seating.


If there are other options that you think are better, what are they? I know the Taco is the king of small trucks, but they’re too fancy for me.