What's Oppo's favourite cheap/lazy meal

Doesn't matter if it's really cheap, really lazy, or both. I was thinking of what I wanted for dinner tonight, but I don’t really want to cook. Despite my love of good cooking and high quality food, I’m not a snob - I’m not above cramming my face with a Big Mac or fried chicken from Popeye’s (the fried chicken situation here is dire).

Even if it’s for dinner, I’m not above heating up a can of beans, making a simple salad, and eating it all with some nice bread. It fills you up, isn’t going fill me with fat and shame like a Big Mac (I think the large fries I always want are worse than the Big Mac itself) or fried chicken, and (I think) it’s pretty damn tasty for something quick and simple.


My other go to (also paired with bread) is using smoked salmon, cream cheese (even better if you can find the fancy kind with roasted garlic or chives or some other fancy stuff) and a simple salad. It’s only recently I started using the salmon/cream cheese combo, and I don’t know why it works, but I love it.

Even if you’re eating well tonight, feel free to discuss. I’m actually looking forward to those beans when I get home.

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