Parents are starting to think about replacing their beloved Cayenne Diesel. Since Porsche isn’t currently selling them for obvious reasons, I’ve been helping them look at alternatives while I’m here.

Before anything else, no, they will not consider anything besides a high-end large SUV. I’ve tried.

Anyway, the XC90 seems like a great vehicle. The interior is wonderfully minimalist, the seats are comfy, the gauges are incredible, and the infotainment screen blows everything else I’ve ever used out of the water. While we haven’t listened to the optional 1400 watt Bowers and Wilkins stereo, the stock system sounds very, very good.

And just look at these rear climate controls!

So crisp, so clean


Contrary to what some reviews have said, the steering feel is better than I would expect from a non-enthusiast vehicle, and it corners relatively flat in the “salesman slightly concerned about this off-ramp” test.

The utterly strange 2L dual-charged I4 engine produces ample power to get moving, even at high altitudes, although the power delivery is far from linear.


And don’t forget the price. The XC90 seems to come well below the price of competing vehicles similarly equipped.

The biggest concern, I think, coming from the Cayenne would be efficiency and range. It’s really hard to beat 30+ mpg and a 7-800 mile range in a conventional vehicle, but the T8 plug-in hybrid (most of their driving is shortish trips into town, so I think they’d really benefit from that) is significantly more expensive for a not-as-significant boost in power and efficiency, and on long highway trips where range is important, the hyrbid system isn’t really going to do much to help.


Anyway, I’m just curious if anyone here has had more extensive experience with them. It’s probably a bit too early to really know anything about reliability, but I’m curious if real-world mileage lives up to the 20/25 sticker, if that slick infotainment system slows down after a couple of months, or how it performs when it’s not trying to suck down Santa Fe’s rarified atmosphere.