I’m sitting on my back patio right now. I live on a corner lot (bleh!), so there’s another street with lots of vehicles parked on it. From where I’m sitting I can see all or parts of 12 vehicles. They break down the following ways:

-5 pickup trucks (4 crew cabs, 1 extended cab)

-3 SUVs (2 body on frame, 1 unibody)

-3 cars (2 unibody, 1 body on frame)

-1 minivan

-5 GM (2 GMC, 2 Buick, 1 Chevy)

-3 Ford

-3 Mopar (2 Dodge, 1 Jeep)

-1 Honda

My question to you: What are they? Makes and models only, but bonus points if you get the generations right.

EDIT: For clarity, guess what vehicles I can see here at my place. Feel free to also share what you can see from wherever you are too.

Here’s a start.