Just got a Line-X bedliner installed in the Ram, it’s p sweet. There’s your obligatory auto-related shit

On to the question at hand: Seattle/Tacoma, what’s it like? We’re considering moving (read: Minds all but made up) in the next year or so and Seattle/Tacoma (or sburb, likely Buckley, Puyallup [how do you pronounce that?], or the like - somewhere a bit inland, maybe foothillsy). We’re planning a two-weeker out there in early August but I’d like to hear from y’alls about what it’s like out there. Some questions I have:

Is it really as dreary as the rumors state? I’ve heard everything from grey all the time to we get about as much sun as Denver which that last one is okay since that’s where we’re coming from

How’s car culture up there? Rust? Keep in mind we’re bringing not one but two Mopars

What areas around Tacoma/Fed Way are decent, and what should we avoid? I’d like to keep to that area as we have a datacenter in Tacoma and an office (likely where I’d be cubicled) in Fed Way


How’s winter? Snowy as hell? Icy?

Is it particularly windy?

Answers to these questions would be great. Any other neat facts or things you think could be relevant are appreciated too