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What's that?

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You wanna complete the holy trinity of fixing oil leaks this winter? Hell yeah!


The first winter was the cylinder head, second was oil pan, and this winter will be the most daunting of them all: The rear main seal (aka the rear crankshaft seal).

This is exactly what my car looks like without any of the “car” stuff.
This is exactly what my car looks like without any of the “car” stuff.

This will be a relatively straight forward operation. There’s two ways to do this regularly, the first option is to remove the engine, but I haven’t got the space for that, so the long way around! Because it is a transaxle car, to get to this seal, everything forward of the engine block needs to slide back to give me access to the seal. To do so:

  • The exhaust needs to be removed from the car (yellow oval).
  • The rear axles removed, maybe replaced while I’m there (red diamonds).
  • The transmission disconnected from the rear suspension (blue rectangles).
  • And the torque tube disconnected from the bellhousing and slid back.

Then the bellhousing can be removed and the clutch and stuff could be replaced while I’m in there. Installation is reverse of disassembly.


I’ve got a couple exhaust rattles to fix and more interior improvements to make this winter (I NEED A RADIO). But this shouldn’t take nearly as long as the oil pan.

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