If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

What's the appeal of this egg thing? seriously?

I see a disproportionate number of Buick Encores given my small town population, like EVERYHWERE. Is it the looks? (doubt it), pricing? Dealer Incentives? loaners? Shoppers not looking at the competition? They sold 88,000 of them last year, 78,000 in 2016

Costs $23K to $32K. I mean, even if we compare the upmarket and even mainstream subcompact crossovers, it’s not very good vs. the competition (which I hardly see) based on reviews I have read/seen.

Car & Driver Summarizes it so:

HIGHS Intuitive and holistic infotainment suite, premium interior, comfortable ride.


LOWS Disappointing fuel economy, slightly gawky proportions, limited active safety features.

VERDICT Short of true luxury but still plenty nice.

Is that it? beats me.

Kinder Surprise
Looks like any other chevy

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