What's the backstory to The Escape?

So I assume we have all seen the newest BMW Film, The Escape, right? It was a good 13 minute flick, high quality action movie making and all. I wish the car would have gotten more stunt driving and wish the engine didn’t sound so anemic.

The two Hummers providing tactical escort was a lot more impressive, btw.

That said, I am much more intrigued by the Molecular Genetics storyline, I don’t know how much is written outside of the movie script or whether the next films will be connected at all. There is so much opportunity in unfolding this idea. SPOILERS AHEAD.

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We learn early on that the girl is a human clone. Who is the woman in the end? Is that her biological mother, or her clone source? Where was she going to take her?


Are there other girls like her (there could be a number of additional clones)?

Was it the discovery of human experiments that forced the company to shut down? What else is hiding in those labs?


The security dude was taking the girl to the “customer” - was that the woman we saw in the end or someone else? Presumably someone else (the movie is called The Escape for a reason), and if so, what were their plans with her?

Also, this might be totally coincidental, but the whole setup had a weird Theranos flavor, for a moment.


Love the Molecular Genetics logo, it’s like a bunch of chromosomes (X’s and Y’s) on top of each other.

This would make an amazing TV series with an endless source for twists.

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