For $2500 or less, preferably less. Some friends and I have roughly planned a short trip for later in the spring, maybe early summer. There will likely be 6 or 7 of us, and my car only seats 5. Now, three of us do have drivers licenses, but I’m the only one with a car. The reasonable thing would be to rent a van, and that will likely be what we do. The option of borrowing a second car is something I’d like to avoid, since our trip involves taking a ferry. So double the ferry cost, and more fuel costs. I’m going to price that out, roughly, as well as the van renting option. Now what I’d like to do, is buy something fairly cheap that has enough seats that I can sell later. It does’t have to be a flip or anything, it would just be nice to break even.

I’m not really considering wagons with rear-facing third rows, since that removes their cargo capacity. I’m thinking a van, minivan, or even a big old three row SUV would be good. The usual cheap stuff in my area are first gen Siennas, Astros/Safaris, Caravans/Voyagers/T&Cs, Aerostars, some Suburbans. I’m leaning toward a GMT400 Suburban, if I can find one that’s good and cheap, even though they’ll have the worst fuel economy and be the worst to handle on twisty roads on the island. I’d be looking for a fun size passenger van, because they’re cool, but they’ve got shockingly expensive if they’re not rusty. So yeah, feel free to join me in this silly venture.

This has my attention.....


From a quick google, that part he can’t get is ~$75 and readily available from at least 3 places