Now before we even get to any point let’s establish some ground rules so we don’t just end up with a bunch of trolling as a response. We’re not trying to subtly or subversively call her an idiot, or chase her off from the staff of Gawker Media, or any other type of comment or activity that can be intepreted as trolling.With that said, we also have to understand what she would be looking for in a car based on her actual car needs:

  • She does not require a car for commuting or public transportation, so there need not be any consideration for internal volume or capacity
  • She does value a vehicle with as low a carbon footprint as possible, so cars with internal combustion engines of any sort, even hybrids, are probably out of the question entirely.
  • Since she would use this car so infrequently it would probably need to be cheap to own and maintain and perhaps even store (such as on a crowded street) so a small physical footprint will probably be valued as well.
  • It would probably also be a good idea to consider the congested and traffic-unfriendly situtation in Los Angeles.

So with that in mind, what would OppositeLock say to someone who doesn’t like cars in terms of advice for buying a car? I think I can come up with some suggestions to get things started:


A Tesla Roadster

A fun and sporty car with a small carbon footprint.


A BMW i3

Not exactly sporty, but very compact and again with zero carbon footprint.


A Zero Motorcycles ZeroS

The ultimate zero carbon footprint roadable fun machine!