What's the Best Convertible Summer Cruiser for Under $10,000?

Well, warm weather is just around the corner for most of us. This brings up a great question; What is the best summer convertible on a budget? Now, there are some rules to this competition; Craigslist only, convertibles only, you can "build" a car (no "selling" parts off your car, though), under $10,000, and no Miata's. Yup, he just said that, NO Miata's.

After searching Convertible on Craigslist and going up to $10,000 I came up with this;


Which looks like its in decent shape, manual, and what looks to be a great highway cruiser.

Now I will take off those RIMZZZ DAWG and put on these;

Yes, some of you think "What the heck, those belong on a proper muscle car/drag car." Oh well.

Try to make this a little bit more fun, meaning don't pick the obvious. That means try not to use MG's and Alfa's for every single submission.

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