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What's the best sounding Stock Exhaust?

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A good car always tingles your senses and engages your emotions. An exhaust can make or break a car. You have things like the Transit Connect that sound like an air compressor starved of fuel, and then you have the glorious symphony of a Ferrari V12 singing like 1000 angels chasing down a pack of thundering hell hounds through an avalanche of fire. Of course my suggestion comes from the Swedish camp. The 9-3 Turbo X has a snarly aggressive note that pops and crackles on it's decent from it's thunderous roar. The smooth V6 burbles aggressively at idle and lets out a vicious bark as it climbs the revs.

So what stock exhaust gets you going? The growl of a 500 Abarth? The soft, low burble of a Suburban? The warble of a 5 cylinder?


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