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What's the Best Top Gear UK Season?

There have now been 21 seasons of Top Gear and it's easily the best auto-variety show out there. Between the reviews and hilarious remotes and celebrity lap times, it's got something for everyone. But which season was the best? While there haven't really been any "duds" some seasons have definitely been better than others.

My choice would be season 12. There was the US trip with muscle cars, the lorry challenge, the epic race in Saint-Tropez, Communism car reviews, the hilarious Ford Fiesta review and the British Touring Car retrospective. But season 12 also had my two favorite remotes, the economy race to Blackpool and the Vietnam special.


The Blackpool race was just so unique and interesting. The comedy was superb and seeing the big XJ make it all the way and then some was remarkable. I loved it when they did it on Top Gear US as well, those guys don't have as much chemistry as the UK crew, but you can't deny the challenges are pretty fun and unique.

The Vietnam Challenge was excellent. I liked the Botswana special, and I thought the Oliver arc was charming but the Vietnam special had a little bit of everything that makes TG so good. And watching Jeremy learn how to ride a scooter properly was hilarious.

So what's the best season?

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