So, the sad time has come to part ways with my A4. The realities of buying a house and starting grad school means that hard truths must be reckoned with. Also, my wife is not a fan of driving a manual in the city.

This has been my trusty companion over the last 4 years and has served me well. This has been one of the most reliable, fun, luxurious, and comfortable cars I’ve ever owned and it will truly be missed. I’d really like if I could find someone who appreciates it for what it is.


That being said, I truly hate the process of selling a car. Dealing with tire kickers, no-showers, low ballers, people who like to argue for no reason, and just general asshats that seem to love car shopping on the internet. I’ve never had a good experience with it including the time I got scammed when the buyer arrived early to cut my transmission lines then lowballed me a crappy offer.

Any tips for finding a buyer who would appreciate it for what it is? I don’t have immaculate service records, but it has been serviced regularly. I took good care of it, I just didn’t save every receipt.

I’d rather not just take it to Carmax or a similar cash offer dealer and take a trade-in price, but it certainly saves me a lot of hassle.


Bonus doggo pic for your time

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