You wake up this morning thinking about everything you think is wrong in the automobile industry, everything that is ruining your driving experience like wrong wheel drive premium cars, autotragic gearboxes on sport cars, electronic nannies in your Corvette, massaging seats in a Ferrari, M SUVs and the ever expanding BMW lineup ?

Look elsewhere kids, because usage-based insurance is what will get you.

Usage-based car insurance has been around for a while, but thanks to ever improving technology, it's gaining momentum. It is still pretty much reserved for young drivers, or drivers with very bad records, but I'm afraid it may become mainstream sooner than we think.

How ?

One day you will receive your insurance renewal and you will be presented two options :

1: Opt in for usage-based insurance, install a device that will monitor your dodgy driving antics and get a 25% rebate.


2: Opt out and pay a 50% premium over your current price.

When this day will come, there will be no reason anymore to drive anything that provide a modicum of pleasure, and we'll all want to get autonomous cars.

As they say on the tubes, money talks, so enjoy the marvelous car era we're living in while you can.