What's the car you would buy right now, and can afford to, but can't (or won't) due to practical concerns? (list reason)

Dad with 3 kids. No two-seaters for me for at least a few more years (when my oldest can start shuttling the other 2). On the upside, 981s might drop into my price range by the time I’m ready.

Wish depreciation would work faster on the M2C - might make it happen when they drop another 10-20 grand. This one (with a tune, charge cooler, and more forgiving Dinan suspension) seems to be set up perfectly.

If, for some reason, I had to replace my M3 today, I’d probably end up in an SS or GTI/R or Type R or BRZ/86 or RS... or another E9x. They’re such a great car for the money right now.


It’s interesting - I could’ve made almost this same choice ($20k for a 10 year old E39 M5) when I bought my M3 seven years ago. No regrets. So many great memories in my car; looking forward to making more. Now, to get my next track day on the calendar... been too long.

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