What's The Coolest "Sunday" Car You've Seen?

Today, I took a trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the home of an incredibly gruesome battle and some quaint gift shops with wonderful little trinkets to commemorate it. As I was partaking in the age old Sabbath ritual known as the afternoon snack at an ice cream shop, I noticed a fleet of Harley’s, sport bikes, muscle cars, and old classics pass us by. While some of those vehicles were definitely fair weather daily drivers, others were definitely what we call Sunday cars.

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If these aren’t a popular trend in your area, Sunday cars are basically appreciating classic cars that people only drive on Sundays in the spring and summer. Sunday cars can be very cheap to insure, given that they are only driven about 25 days in a year, making them easier to own for the average Joe.

I didn’t see anything too wild today, but there’s bound to be some good stories from you guys, and we all love a good story.

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