What's the craziest repair costs you've seen,been quoted or paid?

Actual estimate someone got for 2 dents on their Honda Fit
Image: Financial Samurai

The pick you see above is from a site I saw called Financial Samuari. Apparently the guy got into a minor fender bender in his Fit and this damaged happened:


Suffice to say they want to charge him $5400 for it. That’s more than highway robbery. We all know repair shops, dealerships etc can charge outrageous prices, with the bulk of the costs usually being labor. What prices have you guys seen or been quoted? None for me personally (although I think the 600 bucks I paid for my old Sonic’s ecm was crazy), I once talked to someone that had an ‘03 Mercedes C230 who’s ECM went out and was quoted $4 grand to replace it.

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