You are walking down the beach one day and stumble across a magic lantern, you rub it and a genie pops out. He grants you one very specific wish.

You can have any vehicle you want but, you have to DD it and, it has to be someting batshit crazy that should never be used as a daily driver. You don't have to pay for fuel, maintenance, or insurance, the genie takes care of everything. The only catches are you only get one chance to name the vehicle and if the vehicle isn't crazy enough the genie will kick you in the man sausage or lady garden and you don't get shit.

Mine is easy and I am pretty sure I won't get kicked in the man sausage.

An M-ATV. Independent suspension, rides awesome. 4WD, suicide doors, small bed to haul stuff. The only thing I wouldn't want is the gun turret. The genie can just leave the hole on the roof as s a sunroof.

The only downsides would be finding parking spots and not being able to go through most drive-thrus. Aside from that I see no problems.


What's your choice? Don't forget if your choice sucks, you get kicked in the busines by a genie.