I meant to click one thing, then ended up at this article:

I don't want to get into a debate at feminism, but one aspect of this whole thing kind of puzzles me. Here's a quote:

"I'm furious for the women who are afraid to tell a dude at a bar to "fuck off" because they might get bottled in the face."

I completely agree that the dude who did that is a piece of shit and deserves jail time, but how is this any different than a guy telling a douchebag in a bar to fuck off, and then him getting his teeth knocked out as well? Remember that story from a few years back about that guy who was put into a coma for complimenting another dude's car? Just as a counterpoint, do you think that guy would have punched out a girl for complimenting his ride? Or did he just want to assert his alpha male dominance?

The whole article is filled with these things, and I think we just need to remember that random or undeserved acts of violence aren't gender specific. Hell, I have osteoarthritis in my hand after being assualted on the job and breaking it in several places. Not saying that all injustices are equal between genders, just that men aren't exempt.