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What's the greatest station wagon on eBay right now?

And why is it this 1986 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham wagon conversion?

Let’s go through the relevant details:

  • Built from (and has the VIN of) a 1986 Cadillac Fleetwood sedan in 1986 for approx. $50,000
  • 72,587 miles
  • Stock 305 V8 replaced with a 535hp 427 V8
  • Stock rear axle replaced with 4.11 posi-traction
  • Full leather interior, including reverse-facing third row.
  • All power options work (windows, locks, seats, moon roof, antenna, rear defrost, AC)
  • Comes with chrome Cadillac true wire spoke wheels
  • “Completely sorted” in 2008 by the second owner to the tune of $13k

It’s currently sitting at roughly $17k with the reserve not met.

You can see from the back doors that it was a sedan to start (the wagon doors are straight across the top). I feel the 4.11 rear axle is the only bad choice here - a car like this needs a highway ratio like my Delta (2.73 gears). It’s not about doing burnouts or 1/4 mile times. A car like this is meant to go cross-country at 75mph with the engine just off-idle and the entire family cocooned inside in luxurious comfort.


If you can’t appreciate how awesome this car is, we can’t be friends.

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