What's the most awesome car you can buy for $35k, or, Help me spend money hooray!!

So long story short, I got rear ended in my C5Z last week because humans are awful. Not my fault, I'm ok, but the vette may have paid the ultimate price. SO I need you nutjobs to help me brainstorm what should be next, as I'm gonna need to have a plan in place in case the car is totaled and I need to find a replacement quickly. Here's the criteria:

-sub $35k
-sub 75k miles
-must be totally awesome
-must be relatively reliable, enough that you'd be comfortable DD'ing it
-must seat at least 1 person
-must be driveable in the rain and light snow/ice.
-must augment and compliment the rest of the fleet (and, therefore, should not be any direct relative of the following): 993, cts-v wagon, miata, g35, 78 firebird.


I've been looking at e39 m5s and caymans a lot. What else you guys got?

Edit: My .gif broke. So I changed it.

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