As the early morning humdrum of econoboxes flys past me on my ride into work it hits me; "God this thing is slow".

I don't usually take my hard tail to work due to traffic and road construction, but after two full weekends of rain, I just needed to ride. The bike is a 34 year old, 650cc, parallel twin, which, in its hay day made around 40 horsepower.

As I cruise around 65 using all the bike has, I ask myself "why the hell did I buy this thing?" I've owned all sorts of sport bikes and cruisers that could keep up and outpace all these econo cars, yet here I sit, watching the soccer moms fly by.

But there is something about an old vehicle. Its hard to describe to someone who's never experienced something like it. There is a smell, or a noise, a vibration which would send any cell phone toting executive running towards the closest BMW dealership.

For me its the challenge of keeping something older going. The little quirks that come with knowing an old vehicle. And this brought me to my question: What is the most classic vehicle I've driven (or ridden in)?


While I have been around and worked with a plethora of classic vehicles, it hit me that I have never driven or ridden i. Anything older than my grandfathers old Mark III Continental (at least that I can recall), and the two late seventies motorcycles I own.

As Jalops, were mostly all fans of classic vehicles, but what is the most classic vehicle you have ever driven (or ridden in)?