Shameless rip-off of today's QOTD, sure. But really. As I posted one response after another (limited to three cuz I probably should have been focusing on other things) I thought to myself: "what car moment stands out in my life?"

One moment for me was on a holiday (perhaps Easter) drive down to see family and we were stuck in traffic. I believe I was about 8 year old or so. My mom had told me about her first car, an early 70's red Ford Mustang that she would go to scrapyards and find parts for. While sitting in traffic, I looked out the window and saw a classic Mustang. I don't know what year and I don't care...all I remember is thinking that one day something like that would be mine.

(don't know what year hers was so here's a guess based on stories...though I am sure it was not a '73 convertible)